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Software Informer has awarded Comic Converter 2.0 a "5* Editor's Pick Award" and "100% Clean Award"

*** New Version 2.0 Released

Version 2.0 includes the following features:

Full support for 32 and 64 bit Windows
New CBR, CBZ, PDF, ZIP and RAR Extraction engine
New CBZ features including user control over compression level and password protect your CBZ's (require zip password support in your comic reader)

*** New Version 1.5 Released

Latest version 1.5 includes a completely rewritten PDF conversion algorithm that will take any kind of PDF file and build an accurate comic from it. If you have comics in PDF format made of scanned images you can still use the old conversion algorithm by checking the "Force PDF Image Extract" checkbox.

*** New Version 1.4 Released

Latest version 1.4 includes bug fixes and optimisations to improve comic conversion speed and quality

For those of us who enjoy comics and graphic novels it is nice to be able to carry your favourite ones with you on the go. For that reason I created the Pocket Comic application that you can find on this site, soon to be released on Windows Mobile Marketplace. But the biggest challenge I have faced is getting my comics into the right format. I have downloaded comics from the net (that I already own!) or I have scanned my own copies, but I always have to spend a lot of time and effort getting them into the right format and size before zipping them and renaming them as CBZ files.

For that reason I created Comic Converter. This Windows application will take just about any kind of comic you care to throw at it and build you a CBZ to your personal specifications. Input formats include CBZ, CBR, ZIP, RAR, PPT, PPTX (requires PowerPoint to be installed) or just a plain folder. It also works in batch mode so you can setup all of your comics in one go and then let it run through and convert them all at once. Best of all it is free! As in please donate if you like it kind of free.

There are lots of options for resizing and cleaning the files contained in the comic as well as the type of resizing algorithm and the output file formats (gif, bmp, jpg, png, tif). Just have a play to see the potential. And if you really have a lot of comics to convert then try the drag and drop mode which will take folders or any of the supported file formats. There couldn't be a quicker way to bulk convert your comics. Download it now and give it a go!

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